We are a Valencian company specialized in


with more than 20 years of experience in the metallurgical sector, GRUPO IT MetalWe work on


iron We base our philosophy on quality production

and in a effective service over time with the purpose of

satisfy the customer 100% We optimize Some key factors such as: machinery and equipment, workspace, specialized personnel and total production time to each project We advise in a way free

any type of project in our technical office such as: measurements, uses of materials and finishes, structures and we carry out without obligation budgets adapted for each client

Cutting with sheet shear, rod and tubes, Laser cutting Folds Punching Curvature of sheet metal, tubes and rods



TIG and MIG welds

Transport and handling of easy material with overhead cranes in our facilities

Termolacado baking

We are happy to assist you in our offices:

Technical office

for advice on all types of projects (structures, measures, materials and finishes) and follow-up

Commercial office

Making budgets adapted for each project you need

Management Office

96 047 93 00



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Contact +34 96 047 93 00   LOPD - IT Metal Cutting, SL

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